About Soisealta

Soisealta The New Social Network
The change has come, and the change is you.
Soisealta is the new social network. Soisealta is private by design, letting you easily share things how you want, with who you want. Whether you're looking for a place for your community, friends, family or work, soisealta was built for you.
Soisealta is You!
Express yourself and customize your profile.
You don't live your life with a black and white personality, you shouldn't express yourself online like that either. Soisealta lets you show your personality when it counts and control your image when it matters.
Private by Design
Personal and Data privacy matter.

Privacy is important and it's more than just your data. When we say Soisealta is private by design we mean that.

Soisealta doesn't share your data with anyone. Ever. We don't target you with ads or hear your thoughts. We let you share what you want, how you want and keep your business just that, your business.

Hear at Soisealta everyone is welcome to create an account from any corner of the world 

Social media has been the same since 2004, but it's not anymore. Welcome to Soisealta.